Top 3 Most Underrated Superheroes

Superheroes, we loved them as kids, then didn’t care, and now love them again. To those people who aren’t fans of them(I’m not pointing fingers at anyone), they often hate on the ones who seem the least powerful. I’m here to disprove your thoughts! Maybe.

3. Spider Man – I didn’t put him on this list because he is underrated, I just think that not everyone has realized his true potential. He’s not just a guy in a suit who can shoot webs, when he got bit by a radioactive spider, he also found much better abilities. He has this thing called the Spider (or Spidey) Sense which allows him to react to things like bullets or arrows extremely fast. He can also move more than 200 miles per hour if he wants to. I guess you would like to be him for Halloween now, huh?

2 . Aquaman – Not everyone has heard of Aquaman, but from the reviews I have heard about him, he is considered the joke of the superheroes. I mean before, he used to have a bad costume, and not a very cool personality. The modern Aquaman though, he is cool enough to be called a superhero. He is the king of the sea (I thought that was Poseidon…), and he holds a mighty trident. He has an army of sea soldiers on sea horses in which he can summon whenever there is danger. Tell me that’s not a hero.

1. Batman – Of course you saw this coming. He is probably the most underrated of all superheroes. Many will argue that Batman has no superpowers, and therefore has no right to be called a superhero. I disagree! This guy has the most advanced technology in his generation, which I think qualifies for superpowers. He has done so much body building, that he looks a pro wrestler or a miniature version of The Hulk. Super enough for me! He has incredible memory, he has mastered over 70 martial arts and hasn’t forgotten them, tell me that can be found in the real world! He may not be a superhero to you, but if he existed, I can guarantee he would beat up someone in a supernatural way.

Tech Companies that I don’t like anymore cont.

Windows – Windows 7 is much better than 8. Windows 8 seems like an attempt to still stay in competition with Apple and Android. A lot of people I know hate the new Windows 8 phones, and I am not a fan of it too. Also, did you know that Bill Gates doesn’t even do any work. He just sits at home watching TV and boom, 3 billion dollars. He should know that his new OS is sucky, and do something about it.