Why Mario is a Cool Character

A lot of people know who Mario is. In fact, I think every one knows who he is (at least if they know video games). A lot of people my age like games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo, but don’t give Mario a chance. I ‘m not saying that all of you hate Mario. In fact, many people don’t. Sure, I mean, it looks like a game that three-year olds would play compared to first-person shooters, but that doesn’t mean that Mario isn’t a strong guy. Now, I’m not saying that you should like Mario, I just think you should give him a chance. So just hear me out.

Mario is extremely fast. In the game, there are enemies called bullet bills (if you didn’t know). They are basically life-size bullets with faces that shoot out of a cannon. Now when you play Mario Bros., they are very slow compared to Mario’s running speed, making him faster than the speed of sound. Now, if Mario is faster than a bullet, then I can probably conclude that they have slowed the game down enough so that you could see Mario move. Imagine at its original speed! Also, compared to first-person shooter characters, who have a limited run, Mario can infinitely run in his game (it’s best not to though because you could lose control).

Mario is super powerful. His shoes have gone through so much weariness just by running through the fields of Mushroom Kingdom. But he also crush live beings and enemies into mush, which wears it even more. He also has an ability to turn weaknesses into strengths. For example, he eats random red fungi, which could possibly poison you, that makes him grow. He also eats green fungi, which is even more harmful, to gain extra lives. In some games, Mario can even swing his arch nemesis, Bowser, who is a giant, fire breathing turtle, by the tail and chuck him at least 10 yards away from him.

That proves that Mario can be just as strong, or stronger, than any first-person shooter character.

I am from… Poem

I am from glasses,
From lemonade and dog food.
I am from the cement house with stone covering,
and the jingle of the tags on my dog’s collar.
I am from the spiky palm tree,
and the garden that I’ve known since it had sprouts.
I’m from summers in India and debates,
From Bella and Arun.
I’m from potlucks and family movies
and from playing with the dog.
I’m from Santa is real and good for you,
and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
I’m from Christmas with cousins,
From Mesa and India,
and rice and curries.
From my dog survived Parvovirus,
and chatterbox.
From my 1st Grade notebook in my bookshelf.

The Holidays

Do you have any traditions that you celebrate during the holidays? By holidays, I mean Christmas and Hanukkah and that stuff. For me, my family spends the holidays with our second cousins. My grandfather had a lot of brothers and a sister, so my dad had even more cousins. We now spend it with a few of them that live here in the U.S. We usually switch whoever’s house we’re going to every year. For example, if the holidays was spent at my house last year, this year would be one of our cousin’s house, then the other cousin, then us, and so forth. I do enjoy the holiday tradition, and I hope to continue it every year.

Halloween Candy

Halloween, a time that everyone can enjoy dressing up like something foolish, even if they don’t like doing so. But after you spend so many hours trick-or-treating, you have this big bag full of candy. Whenever I go trick-or-treating, I usually eat some of the candies that I like the most. After that, I would probably donate the rest to charity. Some of you may eat all of it, and some of you might not eat any, but give it away. Tell me what you do with your candy in the comments.