Chances for leadership

In my school, there are quite a few chances for leadership. You can be a WEB leader, for example. A WEB leader is basically someone who gives a tour of the school and a few tips about doing well in school. Now, personally, I wouldn’t choose to be one. It isn’t like I think it’s a bad idea, I am just not that good of a speaker. Another leadership option is Student Council. This is basically elections for things like President and Vice President. Again, I would not like to this either because I don’t think that I make the best choices. You can also be a leader if you have good experience of something. If you are a high chair of a music class, the good player on a sports team, or just a smart person in your class, you can instruct a person of a lower class how to do something or just help them with something else. I often do this with my friends or classmates who have trouble with something. In the end, I would help with simple things, but I don’t think I have the potential to be a major leader.

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