Reflection: Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in August, I expected to have a fun and easy school year. After all, that’s what all of my school years have been like and I heard many people say that seventh grade was the best year of middle school. But I soon realized that this was the year when school is going to be challenging when I walked out of first period without the same cheerful feeling as usual. By October my life was filled with problems like Region Auditions for Orchestra and keeping up with my math grades. Eventually I figured out that seventh grade will become easier over time. My grades were gradually getting better as the year progressed. My science grade went up by 6 points and I was doing well in English too. In seventh grade, I learned:

  • School will not be easy forever. You are bound to be challenged.
  • Whatever you’re teachers told you to prepare for next year, like to work harder on your Writer’s Notebook, they’re not lying, so prepare for it.
  • Always be organized with your work, or else you might get bad grades.
  • As the year comes to a close, I hope to learn from all of my flaws in seventh grade and prepare to perfect them in eighth grade. If I had to do it over again, I would definitely work harder and study more for tests. I don’t always get a 100. My advice for next year’s seventh graders: Be prepared.

    Chances for leadership

    In my school, there are quite a few chances for leadership. You can be a WEB leader, for example. A WEB leader is basically someone who gives a tour of the school and a few tips about doing well in school. Now, personally, I wouldn’t choose to be one. It isn’t like I think it’s a bad idea, I am just not that good of a speaker. Another leadership option is Student Council. This is basically elections for things like President and Vice President. Again, I would not like to this either because I don’t think that I make the best choices. You can also be a leader if you have good experience of something. If you are a high chair of a music class, the good player on a sports team, or just a smart person in your class, you can instruct a person of a lower class how to do something or just help them with something else. I often do this with my friends or classmates who have trouble with something. In the end, I would help with simple things, but I don’t think I have the potential to be a major leader.

    Why Watching TV is Useless

    “So, son, what have you been doing for the last few hours?”
    “Um… Watching TV…”
    “So you didn’t do homework?! Well, I supposed you at least learned something from this.”
    “Well… Not Exactly…”
    Wow! Watching TV sure is useless.

    First of all, TV wastes your time. What if you were flooded with homework and you needed every second of your time for studying. You decide to go downstairs to get a sip of water, but then you see the TV. The latest episode of The Simpsons is on. You decide to watch one episode and get back to your homework, but you end up watching for hours and you haven’t finished any of your work. You should probably watch after you finish your homework. As you can see, TV can use up your important time.

    Furthermore, TV uses up your time by ruining your eyes. After watching a consecutive amount of TV per day, your vision starts changing. One day you can see the goofy face of Homer Simpson, the next you just a yellow blur. At that point, you should schedule your meeting with the eye doctor immediately because you need glasses. This is the reason I have to wear these annoying spectacles that slip up and down my face and makes me near blind when taking them off. TV will most definitely give you the need of eye care.

    TV can be fun for most people, but is your idea of fun sitting in a chair all day with drool leaking out your mouth while your vision slowly starts to decay? I think not. Always try different activities in life, for it will you give you a fresh taste of the world around you. Hmm, what should I do next? I think I’ll read a book, or play fetch with my dog, or hang out with my friends. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not watching TV…