Super Mario 3-D World

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that the game Super Mario 3-D World is not a game I would have wanted to play. I said this mainly because of the fact that it seemed like another Nintendo sequel and the way it was advertised. I guess that I was wrong about this game. In fact, I think that is the most fun Wii U game that I have.
Let me start with the plot of the game. The story is that Bowser has kidnapped a bunch of weird fairies to do something (I have no idea what he is up to yet…). I know it sounds weird, and it is, but the game makes up for it. You can play as four different characters, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and even Peach. Each of these characters has there own special abilities. The levels are absolutely amazing compared to any of the side scrolling game I have seen. Although you could technically call this a 3-D platformer, it has more of a New Super Mario Bros. style to it as well. Anyways, the levels in this game take a unique style and make the levels a lot more fun. For example, I was not a big fan of desert levels or haunted mansions before, but this game makes those levels seem just as amazing as the others.
There are a few faults with this game that keep it from being my favorite Mario game. First of all, since the characters have their special abilities, they are not equal when it comes to using them. This meaning that some of the characters are not the most useful-ability wise. The best being Luigi in my opinion for best skill and my personally favorite character. Second, this game is actually very easy. You start out with a two-hit kill instead of one, ruining the challenge of having to earn your way back to the position of extra power. However, they add the challenge of having to collect three green stars and a stamp per level. Some of them are in places that you would never expect them to be.
In the end, I would this game is excellent and would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars on a review. If you have a Wii U, and don’t have this game yet, I highly recommend that you get it.


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My 13th Birthday

On January 20, 2014, I officially turned 13 years old. This age is one of the marking points in your life, for this age is when you can do stuff you couldn’t have done before. I no longer have to change the date of my birthday on my e-mail just so I can access it without the site bugging me about it. I no longer have to feel guilty about watching a PG-13 movie because I’m not 13. I can officially call myself a “teenager” and I can do so much more. Although this is a very phenomenal age, I have to say that I did not exactly celebrate it in a phenomenal way. My birthday party was-in a nutshell-lunch and a movie with a couple of my friends. I didn’t exactly watch a movie at a theater, though. Instead, I decided to keep it simple and rent a movie of my friends choice. I kind of liked the simple birthday party idea. But this wasn’t my first choice of a party, though. I thought about going to Main Event for the second time, but that seemed a little too childish. After all, 13 is considered to be the age of a man in some cultures. Paintball was suggested by mom, and that seemed like a good idea, but I realized a flaw for it. I’ve never tried paintball, but I have heard from people who have. From what I heard, you get huge red marks on your skin from paintballs. I didn’t know if that was really true, but I didn’t want to risk having a big red mark on my back as a birthday present. That was all my options, so I decided to keep my party nice and simple. Anyways, I hope that after the age of 13, I’ll be able to make it through the awkward stages of being a teenager. If you haven’t had your 13th birthday, then I hope you spend yours in an excellent way. I sure enjoyed mine.

Black Blood Story Part 1

James Tilderwhite was a sad boy. Ever since his mother was presumed dead, he has never been the same. It has been exactly 2 years and 364 days since his loss, and he has not gotten over it. When he was 9 years old, his mother had gone to Freewaters, British Columbia, Canada, a small town that she grew up in, to take care of her sick grandmother. Her grandmother had this unidentified condition which doctors temporarily called Sang Noir. They had called it that because it means Black Blood in French. Apparently when the doctors checked her blood, they found not a red fluid, but a black one. She was in the I.C.U. and the top case for research. Her grandmother was not cured and still remains ill today. Anyways, James’s mom sailed on a ship to and fro Canada. When coming back, well, she had never come back. Other passengers got out just fine, but she was the only one who was missing on the boat. They had presumed her dead after a couple of weeks and dug her grave. James knew better, though. He knew that she was out there somewhere. He took his old bike from his garage and rode to his mom’s grave. He saw the pale stone saying “R.I.P Amanda Tilderwhite 1976-2010.” Staring at her grave, he had tears in his eyes.
“I miss you mom. I miss the good old days. Ricky, Dad, and I can barely survive. We’re all incomplete without you. Dad’s gone crazy and he frightens me with every sound coming from his mouth. I just can’t take care of him anymore!” James cried. His Dad doesn’t leave out of his house. He doesn’t have a job, in fact, all he does is sit in his room saying ” Amanda… Amanda… Where are you, Amanda…” and stuff like that. Ricky was James’s 10 year-old brother whom he cared for very much. James’s first priority was to get food for Ricky and Dad, then himself. James and Ricky get their food from their neighbors, Carson and Amy Thompson. They are like family to them, and they basically raise them and give them money to pay rent for their house. They only hope that he will get through his life safely. James pressed his hand together and prayed “Please come back, Mom. Give me a signal,” He biked back to his house to pick up Ricky and went to the Thompsons to get dinner.
“Hey James! Hey Ricky! You know what time it is! Enchilada time!” exclaimed Mr. Thompson.
“And here’s some Icees to go along with it!” cheered Mrs. Thompson. They put the enchiladas in a box and gave it to them.
“Thanks Mr. Thompson and you too, Mrs. Thompson,” James said. “Gee, I’ve been thinking… Since you take care of us so well, we’d like to invite you over to the grave tomorrow to pray for our mother.”
“We’ll gladly come to support you both,” Mr. Thompson said. Then James and Ricky biked back to their house. “Poor boys, they deserve better than what they have.”
James went straight to bed after his dinner. He was tired and wasn’t exactly happy for tomorrow. That night he dreamt of all the things he had missed before 3 years ago. Playing football with his sane father, giving his mom a special bundle of flowers for Mother’s Day, and taking care of baby Ricky. Then he remembered the moment when his mother was departing to Freewaters. He was talking in his sleep,” Don’t go, Mom! Stay with us and let us live a normal life.” Then with a jolt, he woke up. He decided to get over his nightmare with a glass of water. He went down to the kitchen and heard a rocking noise coming from the fridge. He opened it slowly and saw a flash of light that burst out of there and knocked James down. Looking up, he saw a figure in the light.
“That figure looks familiar… No, it can’t be, it’s just to good to be true!” he thought. Then he shouted with question “Mom??!!”

To be continued…

Hypnosis Video

This video is only to be watched when you are at home or any other place in which you are not busy for an hour. This effects of this video can last up to one hour. If you are at school and you finish watching this video, you will not be able to take things seriously and you will most likely get in trouble. Without further ado, here is the video. And also ignore the thing that says to watch hypnotic induction, please.

Did it work? Comment and tell me please.