Why Mario is a Cool Character

A lot of people know who Mario is. In fact, I think every one knows who he is (at least if they know video games). A lot of people my age like games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo, but don’t give Mario a chance. I ‘m not saying that all of you hate Mario. In fact, many people don’t. Sure, I mean, it looks like a game that three-year olds would play compared to first-person shooters, but that doesn’t mean that Mario isn’t a strong guy. Now, I’m not saying that you should like Mario, I just think you should give him a chance. So just hear me out.

Mario is extremely fast. In the game, there are enemies called bullet bills (if you didn’t know). They are basically life-size bullets with faces that shoot out of a cannon. Now when you play Mario Bros., they are very slow compared to Mario’s running speed, making him faster than the speed of sound. Now, if Mario is faster than a bullet, then I can probably conclude that they have slowed the game down enough so that you could see Mario move. Imagine at its original speed! Also, compared to first-person shooter characters, who have a limited run, Mario can infinitely run in his game (it’s best not to though because you could lose control).

Mario is super powerful. His shoes have gone through so much weariness just by running through the fields of Mushroom Kingdom. But he also crush live beings and enemies into mush, which wears it even more. He also has an ability to turn weaknesses into strengths. For example, he eats random red fungi, which could possibly poison you, that makes him grow. He also eats green fungi, which is even more harmful, to gain extra lives. In some games, Mario can even swing his arch nemesis, Bowser, who is a giant, fire breathing turtle, by the tail and chuck him at least 10 yards away from him.

That proves that Mario can be just as strong, or stronger, than any first-person shooter character.

Tech Companies that I don’t like anymore cont.

Windows – Windows 7 is much better than 8. Windows 8 seems like an attempt to still stay in competition with Apple and Android. A lot of people I know hate the new Windows 8 phones, and I am not a fan of it too. Also, did you know that Bill Gates doesn’t even do any work. He just sits at home watching TV and boom, 3 billion dollars. He should know that his new OS is sucky, and do something about it.

Technology Companies that I don’t like anymore

Warning: I do not want to offend anyone with this post, this is my opinion.

Technology is an advancement of lifestyles. I remember when technology companies were innovative, coming up with revolutionary things. Well now some of them aren’t as good as they used to be. Let me tell you why.

Nintendo – There was a time, about a decade or two, when there were amazing Mario games. New ideas came here and there, everyone was happy. But I guess Nintendo just lost it all, and now they’re making sequels. The last original game came out 2 years ago, Super Mario 3-D Land. Let’s face it, it looks more like a mixture of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. There’s even a sequel to that! Watch the trailer below. That makes the last original game Mario Galaxy, which came out 6 years ago! Redeem yourself, Nintendo!

Apple – Innovation, the word that represents, or should I say, used to represent the company. Instead of making a completely different product, they make a few changes at a time, taking forever to make the big change. The phone names are just so unoriginal. Really, 5C, 5S, 5? Here’s an idea, try making names for the phones that are more than just numbers and letters. I think the last innovate thing that Apple made was the iPhone 5C, and that just looks like they mixed an iPhone 5 with a 3GS. The only reason that Apple has a lot of sales is because it is somewhat easy to work with, and a lot of people get under popularity or because they trust the brand.

To be continued…

PvZ 2!!!!

Plants vs. Zombies is one of my favorite Apple games. It came out in 2009, and I have waiting for FOUR years to install it. The title “Plants vs. Zombies, It’s About Time” suits in 2 ways. First of all, it is about time that it came out, really, four years? Second of all, the story is about Crazy Dave going back in time to eat his taco that he saved for 4 years (wow), because it was sooooooooooooooo good. But the time machine went to far, and you end up going through 3 long worlds based on different periods of history, just to get a taco. Anyways the new plants are very useful, and the new zombies are very interesting. It’s also free, so I recommend you get it if you don’t have it. Overall, I like it better than the first game, and I hope they make a third game.