Super Mario 3-D World

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that the game Super Mario 3-D World is not a game I would have wanted to play. I said this mainly because of the fact that it seemed like another Nintendo sequel and the way it was advertised. I guess that I was wrong about this game. In fact, I think that is the most fun Wii U game that I have.
Let me start with the plot of the game. The story is that Bowser has kidnapped a bunch of weird fairies to do something (I have no idea what he is up to yet…). I know it sounds weird, and it is, but the game makes up for it. You can play as four different characters, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and even Peach. Each of these characters has there own special abilities. The levels are absolutely amazing compared to any of the side scrolling game I have seen. Although you could technically call this a 3-D platformer, it has more of a New Super Mario Bros. style to it as well. Anyways, the levels in this game take a unique style and make the levels a lot more fun. For example, I was not a big fan of desert levels or haunted mansions before, but this game makes those levels seem just as amazing as the others.
There are a few faults with this game that keep it from being my favorite Mario game. First of all, since the characters have their special abilities, they are not equal when it comes to using them. This meaning that some of the characters are not the most useful-ability wise. The best being Luigi in my opinion for best skill and my personally favorite character. Second, this game is actually very easy. You start out with a two-hit kill instead of one, ruining the challenge of having to earn your way back to the position of extra power. However, they add the challenge of having to collect three green stars and a stamp per level. Some of them are in places that you would never expect them to be.
In the end, I would this game is excellent and would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars on a review. If you have a Wii U, and don’t have this game yet, I highly recommend that you get it.


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