Did You Know Facts #1

Welcome to the first Did You Know Facts post. I have decided to make one of these for every month or two, so you won’t be seeing them too often. Basically, it is a bunch of facts that I have learned over the past until the time I publish the post. Without further ado, here they are.

Did You Know…

  • If you made a wall with the names of every single person who died in the Civil War written on it just like in the Vietnam War, it would ten times bigger than Vietnam War wall.
  • If you manage to open your eyes while you sneeze, your eyes would pop out of their sockets.
  • There is more germs on a laptop keyboard than there is in a toilet.
  • Horses and rats can’t vomit.
  • A male seahorse carries the baby instead of female.
  • More people die from vending machines than sharks every year.
  • Millions of tons of toxic waste is produced during the making of Greek Yogurt.
  • Super Mario Bros. singlehandedly saved the gaming industry.
  • A can of diet Coke will float in water while regular Coke will sink.
  • When a penny is thrown from the Empire State Building, it will be worth less than one full cent due to deflation.
  • 3 thoughts on “Did You Know Facts #1

    1. When you say that throwing a penny off the Empire State building decreases it’s value, do you mean that the act of throwing it off decreases it’s value, or do you mean that by the time it reaches the ground, inflation has decreased its value?

    2. The eye-open sneeze things is an urban legend, it actually is just working against the reflex. Super Mario Bros. didn’t “singlehanded lay” save the video game industry. It was just the main component of saving the gaming industry. The rest of these are true, though.

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