My 13th Birthday

On January 20, 2014, I officially turned 13 years old. This age is one of the marking points in your life, for this age is when you can do stuff you couldn’t have done before. I no longer have to change the date of my birthday on my e-mail just so I can access it without the site bugging me about it. I no longer have to feel guilty about watching a PG-13 movie because I’m not 13. I can officially call myself a “teenager” and I can do so much more. Although this is a very phenomenal age, I have to say that I did not exactly celebrate it in a phenomenal way. My birthday party was-in a nutshell-lunch and a movie with a couple of my friends. I didn’t exactly watch a movie at a theater, though. Instead, I decided to keep it simple and rent a movie of my friends choice. I kind of liked the simple birthday party idea. But this wasn’t my first choice of a party, though. I thought about going to Main Event for the second time, but that seemed a little too childish. After all, 13 is considered to be the age of a man in some cultures. Paintball was suggested by mom, and that seemed like a good idea, but I realized a flaw for it. I’ve never tried paintball, but I have heard from people who have. From what I heard, you get huge red marks on your skin from paintballs. I didn’t know if that was really true, but I didn’t want to risk having a big red mark on my back as a birthday present. That was all my options, so I decided to keep my party nice and simple. Anyways, I hope that after the age of 13, I’ll be able to make it through the awkward stages of being a teenager. If you haven’t had your 13th birthday, then I hope you spend yours in an excellent way. I sure enjoyed mine.

2 thoughts on “My 13th Birthday

  1. 1. Yes, Paintball is a painful sport.
    2. Congrats on becoming a teen.
    3. You shouldn’t take this to your head, though. You’re still the same person, and you don’t have to let society make you act older.

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